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BailData - Bail Bond Industry Management Software

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BailData consists of a set tools that help the bail bond industry reduce revenue loss and liability.

BailData offers management tools that empower users to manage all aspects of their business right from their computer.

The following is a brief list of benefits your business gets when using BailData software

BailData - Features Showcase

Defendant Module - Keep Track On Your Defendants

Record, track and monitor Defendants and Bonds with BailData's Defendant Module. The Bond Page allows you to record defendant mug shots, personal and demographic data, their activity, and track each bond status from execution, forfeiture and exoneration to appeal.

Inventory Module - Bond Tracking Made Easy

BailData provides you with a Inventory Module to easily guide you through the complex process of Bond Power Tracking. With three easy steps, you can receive, assign and track all Bond powers that come into and out of your office.

Accounting Module - Watch Your Money

Track your business expenses, pay your bills, and maintain a petty cash fund, invoicing, accounts receivables, and a chart of accounts with BailData's Accounting Module. Also included is the easy-to-use reconciliation wizard for maintaining outstanding accounts against your bank statement.

Office Toolkit - Organize Your Business

Perform administrative functions that you will not find anywhere else using BailData's Office Toolkit. Send letters, schedule appointments and set reminders without leaving the Toolkit console. You can even import information from compatible programs like Microsoft Outlook.

System Module - Streamline Data

BailData's System Module is a fully customizable program management tool that houses all the lists that your business will use, such as courts, jails, and rates charges. No need to reenter the same names, addresses or contacts every time you add a prospect to your client list.